Interested in only the very best floral designs and arrangements? Let QC Flower serve you.

Here are the services that we offer just for you:

  1. Flowers for special occasions

Whatever occasion you may have, QC Flower is pleased to rise up to the challenge. Is it a wedding, a birthday, an anniversary? Or do you simply want to wow your loved one? Then get a custom made flower arrangement from us. We also have general designs on offer in our gallery section. Choose what you like, send us an email and voila, your order will arrive the very next day. You can also choose to customize a regular design, just send an email to

  1. Floral Gifts

For special floral gifts for your boss, colleague, a friend and acquaintance, we will be happy to help you choose the most appropriate. We also have floral gifts fit for congratulatory messages, a get well soon, a pick-me-upper and whatever kind of message that you would like to send. Tell us what you want, what it’s for and we will design something special for you.

  1. Event styling

We offer our stunning floral designs to up the ante of your events. We specialize in styling events for product launches, advertisements, company or brand promotion. With us, you are assured that your event will stand out and will generate the interest that you want. This is something that we have done for a lot of clients and we have always received all the best accolades for our work.

  1. Brand Promotion

Use flowers for promoting your brand. Trust us when we say that when you use flowers, you will be able to elevate the class and style of your brand. Plus, flowers help in promoting positive awareness and happiness. And your guests and clients will equate it with your brand.