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Welcome to QC Flower, your number one source of floral arrangements for all of your needs and events.

With QC Flower, you can celebrate all special occasions in style with our wonderful floral designs and arrangements. We offer stunning bouquets, seasonal flowers, zen type arrangements and more. Make your bouquets stand out and your events phenomenal, even if it’s only held inside your glass garage door in Sedona, with our wonderful floral arrangements.

QC Flower provides for all of your floral and bouquet needs. Whatever events or floral needs you may have, rest assured that we will ensure that you always stand out.

We at QC Flower specialize in the following:

  • Flowers for Special Occasions

Do you have a wonderful occasion to celebrate? Perhaps a wedding, wedding anniversary, mother’s day, birthday or maybe you simply want to impress a loved one with a bouquet? Nothing says special more than a stunning bouquet from QC Flower. Call us now and let us know what your special occasion is, your preferences and we will advise you on the best type of arrangement that will simply amaze your loved one.

  • Seasonal Flowers

Nothing says “I love you” or “I care for you” or even “I’m sorry” than a beautiful arrangement of flowers that are in season. We will recommend only the very best flowers from our collection for your special event. Contact us to know what flowers are currently in season so that you can immediately choose what to get for your loved one.

  • Floral gifts

Do you want to bring good cheer to a friend, a colleague, your boss or even want to send someone that random floral gift? We can recommend the flowers and arrangements that are suitable for that. Let us know what you have in mind and we will help you determine the most suitable floral design.

  • Floral service

Do you require an arrangement for a loved one who has passed on? We will be happy to help you select a thoughtful arrangement that will convey your sympathy and serve as a tribute to the memory of your loved one.

  • Floral dress up

Do you have a special event that you want to elevate in terms of class and style? QC Flower specializes in dressing up events according to your theme and preferences. You just need to let us know your vision for the event, your theme and how you want it styled. After that, we will be happy to do the rest for you. We will even make sure that all of your guests will be amazed at the look and feel of your event. That is how committed we are.

  • Brand Promotion


Nothing elevates your brand than styling it with flowers. Let us know the look that you want and we will be happy to deliver according to your specifications. QC Flower is trusted by a lot of companies when it comes to brand promotion and styling. This is because we are always the number one choice when it comes to the best floral arrangements.

Let Flowers Speak for You

Did you know that for centuries, people have been using flowers to express their deepest desires? This is the reason why for a long time, people have been giving flowers to family, friends and loved ones, in an effort to convey what they truly feel. Aside from this, cultures the world over have attached symbolisms to different types of flowers.

To understand the hidden meanings and symbolisms of flowers, we have compiled the following information sheet for you:

  1. Did you know that the lotus flower has been known to symbolize divinity and purity? This is the reason why in Asian cultures, the giving of the lotus flower shows the innocence of love.
  2. In the United Kingdom, have you notice men and women sporting the poppy on their breasts? The poppy has become the symbol for remembering those who have fallen during the first World War.
  3. In Western Countries and even Eastern ones, the rose has always been special. This is because in different cultures, the rose has always been viewed as a symbol of beauty and even of love. Sometimes even the thorns on roses have also been referred to in symbolisms such as the “roses and the thorns” with roses referring to women and thorns referring to men.
  4. Some flowers like the orchids have been known to be symbols of romance such as the dancing lady, among others.
  5. There are flowers which have been uniquely named to refer to specific things such as the forget-me-not which is inspired by lovers who promise not to forget each other, the daisy which literally means the “day’s eye” because of it looks like it welcomes the sun.

So now, are you ready to choose the flower that you will be sending to your loved one? QC Flower is happy to help you determine which type of flower best represents the message that you’s like to convey.